Examples of practice provided here for the use by CP FLC participants.

Our Video Series on Various CP Practices, Tools for Teaching

Al Kaszniak Dyadic Listening, Al Kaszniak 5:36

BWD Listening Mode Dyadic Exercise Instructions (pdf) for pair listening assignment.

Alison Reflection Papers, Alison Jameson 5:14

Description of reflective writing assignments from UNSW

Leslie Langbert

Leslie Mindful Moment, Leslie Langbert 8:12

Classroom activities for mindfulness

Ginger VoiceThread, Ginger Hunt

Faculty Focus Audio Reflection Assignments Help Students Develop Metacognitive Skills


Content from Al Kaszniak-Incorporating Multiple Contemplative Practices in a Course on the Psychology of Empathy and Compassion, and YouTube videos recorded at Naropa University.

Content from Stuart Moody-Uses of Movement

  • Principles of Somatics outlines some of the ideas behind releasing tension without forceful stretching, and the fundamental importance of movement in education and cognitive development.

  • Cat Stretch standing describes one sequence of moves that we did, based on Hanna Somatics

  • Renewing Energy includes pictures as well as descriptions of other exercises that we explored, plus a brief background on the value of exercise for energizing mind and body, including a typology of different forms of exercise for energizing.

  • Touch & well-being gives a quick nod to a rich literature on the benefits of positive adaptive tactile stimulation, and describes a few exercises.

Content from Sally Dodds-Cognitively-Based Compassion Training

Syllabus from Leslie Langbert for course